International Call for Proposals on Urban Design for Jiyang East Section of Sanya City

Announcement on Prequalification


The Sanya Municipal People's Government hereby organizes and carries out the International Call for Proposals on Urban Design for Jiyang East Section of Sanya City, in order to implement the guiding principles of General Secretary Xi's important speech made on "April 13"  and Official Document No. 12 of the Central Government, and to put through the work deployment of the municipal Party Committee and the municipal government's Three-year Action Implementation Plan for Improving Sanya's Urban Planning, Construction and Management (2021-2023)", centering around Hainan's strategic positioning of "three sections and one center," with the purpose of promoting high-quality development and creating high-quality life, and with efforts to enhance the comprehensive urban service function of Jiyang East Section of Sanya City, to strengthen the vibrancy of growth and core competitiveness of the section, to better shape the urban image of the section, to scientifically plan the construction and development of the section, and to improve the happiness of urban residents.


Jiyang East Section is an important transportation hub connecting the eastern resort Bay area and the northern mountainous and ecological area in Sanya's city center. This International Call for Proposals on Urban Design will gather global wisdom to focus on Sanya's Jiyang East Section, and implement the concept of community of life featuring "mountains, waters, forests, fields, lakes and grassland and the sea", and for the first time, all components of national territory and space have been included into the scope of urban design, where a scientific layout of production, the entire living and ecological space will turn the section into a beautiful homeland with shared ecological resources, integrated production and city, and of high quality life.


The Call for Proposals will be rolled out in an open call, by inviting design institutions at home and abroad with planning and design experiences in similar projects to apply for prequalification. The first step will determine 4 applicants through Review for Qualifications (prequalification), and in the second step, the applicants who have passed the Review for Qualifications will propose the planning and design schemes according to the requirements of the documents of the Call.


I. Project Brief


1. Project name: International Call for Proposals on Urban Design for Jiyang East Section of Sanya City


2. Project Siting and Planning Scope: Jiyang East Section is located in the Northeastern part of Sanya's downtown area, adjacent to Haitang Bay, the "National Coast" in the East, and the Yalong Bay National Tourism Resort in the South, Xueyuan Road in the West and Baoting County in the North, with an area of about 80.72 square kilometers. Among them, 3 sections need to be designed in detail- respectively the former Jiyang town section, Nanding section and Damao-Zhongliao section, with a total planned area of about 2,832 hectares (see the Schematic Diagram of Planning Scope for details).


Schematic Diagram of Planning Scope


3. Method of Call: Open Calls


4. Content of Planning and Design: it includes two levels, namely master urban design and detailed urban design.


Master Urban Design


Master urban design scope: it is adjacent to Haitang Bay, the "National Coast," in the East, to Yalong Bay National Tourism Resort in the South, to College Road in the West and to Baoting County in the North, with an area of about 80.72 square kilometers (see the Schematic Diagram of Planning Scope for details).


Content of Design: it includes but is not limited to exploring the integration of urban and rural development from the regional macro level, clarifying the development target vision and overall positioning of Jiyang East Section, carrying out industrial research and functional planning, aiming at building the ecologically spatial pattern of "mountains, rivers, forests, fields, cities and villages," and planning the functional spatial layout that conforms to the development trend of the free trade port. The overall landscape, style and features of the city, comprehensive transportation, public service infrastructure and supporting facilities, development sequence and other aspects shall be studied.


Detailed Urban Design


The detailed urban design covers three sections with a total area of about 2,832 hectares, where the former Jiyang town section measures about 1,130 hectares, the Nanding section about 326 hectares, and the Damao-Zhongliao section about 1,376 hectares (see the schematic diagram of the planning scope for details).


Content of Design: it includes but is not limited to refining the positioning and functional types of the detailed design section based on the master urban design, reasonably optimizing and improving the land use layout, transportation organization and public service infrastructure and supporting facilities, innovating the spatial organization and modality style, polishing important nodes and interfaces, focusing on the detailed design scope, establishing the distinct image of each section, and forming suggestions on urban guidance, control and implementation.


5. Period of Design: The turnaround period of planning and design at the Proposal Phase is 75 days. The project is planned to commence on October 22,2021 (Beijing time, the same hereinafter) and the project briefing and site survey will be organized on October 26,2021, by which time the Chief Designer of the Applicant and the whole team are required to attend. Applicant shall submit deliverables on Jan. 5th 2022.


6. Method of Review for Qualifications: Limited number of applicants permitted. The number of Applicants for such Call (including Consortium Applicants)  is set to 4.


7. Prizes: 1 winner for excellent proposal, 1 winner for good proposal


8. Sponsor: Sanya Municipal People’s Government


9. Undertaker: Sanya Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning


10. Technical Support: IPPR (Hainan) Engineering Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd.(HIPPR)


11. Organizer: Beijing Science Park Auction & Tender Co., Ltd.


12. Contacts


Beijing Science Park Auction & Tender Co., Ltd.

Address: Building No.6, Guangdaxiyuan, Wanliu, Wanquanzhuang, Haidian District, Beijing 

Post Code: 100089
Contact Persons: Wang Jing, Su Na, Liu Jingying, Xing Yu
Tel: 86-10-82575731/5131/5837/5125/5831/5137 ext. 299/250/811
-mail: bkpmzb@163.com


II. Eligibility and Qualifications of Applicants


1.The Applicant shall be a legal entity that has been legally incorporated in accordance with laws or a project consortium composed of legal entities that have been legally incorporated in accordance with laws.

2.中华人民共和国境内的规划设计机构须具有中华人民共和国自然资源部颁发的城乡规划编制甲级资质[参见《城乡规划编制单位甲级资质认定名单》 (自然资源部关于2021年第一批城乡规划编制单位甲级资质认定的公告)],具有中华人民共和国住房和城乡建设部颁发的建筑行业(建筑工程)设计甲级资质或建筑行业设计甲级资质或工程设计综合甲级资质或外商投资企业城市规划必威体育亚洲官网资格,或具有必威体育亚洲官网土地学会颁发的土地规划机构甲级资格

2. The Applicant (planning and design institution) within the People’s Republic of China shall be at least certified with one of the following: Grade A urban and rural planning [see Accredited List for Organization with Grade A Urban and Rural Planning (Notice of Accreditation to the 2021 First Batch of Grade A Urban and Rural Planning by Ministry of Natural Resources)], Grade A architectural design (architectural engineering), or Comprehensive Grade A architectural design or engineering design or the urban planning service qualification for foreign-invested enterprises issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People's Republic of China, or Grade A Land Planning Institute issued by China Land Science Society.


3. The Applicant (planning and design institution) outside the People’s Republic of China shall hold qualifications approved by governmental authorities in its residence country or region for engaging in urban planning and design or architectural design. The qualifications for planning and design institutions from Hong Kong, Macau and Tai Wan shall refer to the requirements of qualifications for planning and design institutions outside the People’s Republic of China.


4. Domestic planning and design institutions may apply for prequalification independently or form a Consortium to jointly apply for prequalification; Overseas planning and design institutions must form a Consortium with domestic planning and design institutions to apply for prequalification (given consideration of the pandemic of COVID-19). The planning and design institutions applying for prequalification in the capacity of a consortium shall specify the lead partner and their respective responsibilities of each partner by a Consortium Agreement. Any partner of the Consortium shall neither individually apply for prequalification in its own capacity, nor concurrently apply for the Prequalification as a partner of another Consortium.    


5. The design institutions or Consortiums applying for prequalification must be competent in industrial planning. If the Applicant is not competent in industrial planning on its own, it shall consider forming a Consortium with well-known Industrial Research institutions at home and abroad to apply for prequalification (the above Design Qualifications/credentials are not required for Industrial Research institutions), so as to fulfill the consulting tasks relating to industrial development contained in the Proposal Project.


6. The Applicant shall have had planning and design experiences similar in functions and nature to the Proposal Project.


7. The designers who are going to take part in the Call must be incumbent officially documented employees of the Applicant. Chief Designer must have experience in leading comparable urban planning and design projects at the Applicant.


Note: Except for partners of a Consortium, the Applicants in the Call shall not constitute or bear any affiliations.


Any Applicant who meets the aforesaid criteria may register with the Organizer and obtain prequalification documents from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30a.m, from 13:30 p.m. to 16:00, from September 27,2021 to October 12,2021.


III. Timetable of the Call


1.Prequalification Phase (September 27,2021 to October 21,2021)


September 27 to October 12,2021


Registration, sending/receiving prequalification documents



Prior to 16:00, October 14,2021


The Applicant is required to submit those forms in the application documents for prequalification by email first




Prior to 12:00, October 18,2021,


The Applicant is required to submit textual documents in the application documents for prequalification (1 original and 1 copy) and electronic files of all application documents2 sets



Prior to 17:00, October 20,2021


Completion of prequalification review and invitations sent to finalists



Prior to 12:00, October 21,2021


The Applicant shall send the scanned copy of the Application Confirmation Letter to the organizer and submit the list of site survey personnel


2.Proposal PhaseDesign Phase(October 22,2022 to January 5,2022)



October 22 to October 25,2021,


Submission of original confirmation and payment of deposit by the Applicant


October 26,2021


Project briefing, site surveySanya


November 16,2021


Interim reportfirst round


January 5,2022


Submission of deliverables by the Applicant



The date and time given above is scheduled date and time and may be subject to changes until further notice.


Warm Tip: Foreign applicants should get visas ready in advance for key staff members who will take responsibility for the Proposal Project, so that they will be able to arrive in Sanya for the project briefing and site survey in a timely manner after being shortlisted.  In principle, Chief Designer from the Applicant must be present for site survey. Nevertheless, if such presence at the site survey cannot be realized due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a written explanation to the organizer shall be made in advance.


IV. Websites for Release of the Announcement


The Announcement will be released on China Tendering and Bidding Public Service Platform (http://cebpubservice.com/), China government procurement website (http://www.ccgp.gov.cn/), website of Hainan Provincial Department of Natural Resources and Planning (http://lr.hainan.gov.cn/), website of Sanya Municipal People's Government (http://www.sanya.gov.cn/), website of Sanya Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning (http://zgj.sanya.gov.cn/), website of Beijing Science Park Auction & Tender Co., Ltd. (http://mkcpagroup.com/).


In addition, the relevant information of this Announcement will also be published in WeChat Official Account of Sanya Municipal People's Government, WeChat Official Sanya Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning, WeChat Official Account of Beijing Science Park Auction & Tender Co., Ltd. and Sanya Daily.


V. Obtaining of Prequalification Documents


The Applicant shall register with the Organizer from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m, from 13:30 to 16:00 in the afternoon, from September 27,2021 to October 12,2021and download the prequalification documents from its websitehttp://mkcpagroup.com/for free. Only those Applicants that meet criteria and have registered with the Organizer will receive a password for downloading prequalification documents and be eligible for prequalification.


Registration steps: The Applicant downloads the application form from the website of the Organizer; The Applicant completes the application form and returns the original document (in doc format) and a scanned copy affixed with the company seal (in pdf format) to the Organizer by email; the Organizer confirms the eligibility of the Applicant and gets it registered.


VI. Submission of Application Documents for Prequalification


The Applicant is required to send those forms (in doc format) in the application documents for prequalification to the Organizer by email first prior to 16:00, October 14, 2021, and then submit textual documents in the application documents for prequalification (1 original and 1 copy) and electronic files (2 sets) to the Organizer no later than 12:00, October 18, 2021.


VII. Miscellaneous


1. One excellent proposal and one good proposal will be picked out.


2. The excellent proposal will receive a prize money of RMB 3,000,000 (tax-inclusive) and the good proposal will be awarded RMB 2,000,000 (tax-inclusive).


3. Those applicants that have been prequalified and submitted proper proposals, which are not awarded as excellent or good, will receive a compensation of RMB 1,200,000 (tax-inclusive). However, the Undertaker will not pay any compensation to any Applicant that has failed to submit a proposal within the specified deadline or that has submitted a proposal that is considered unacceptable in light of the requirements of the Call or that has been disqualified. The Undertaker will not pay any additional compensation to any Applicant that has been awarded the prize money.


4. The deadline for submission of design deliverables in this Call is January 5,2022.


5. The Sponsor has the right of use over the design proposals submitted by all Applicants. The Sponsor (Undertaker) has the right to use any proposal received from any Applicant in the planning and design of the Proposal Project, or to use any design proposal in its entirety or partially in the design of the Proposal Project or in modification or consolidation of the design proposals, or to revise any design proposal. In the meantime, the Sponsor (Undertaker) may also print, publish and exhibit the planning and design proposals, or comment on, display and publicize the works for Application via media communications, trade magazines, publications or by other means.


6. All documents and correspondences related to the Call shall be written in Chinese.


7. Any taxes imposed on the prize money or compensations paid to the Applicant (inclusive of any taxes or levies payable in China and other countries) and any cost arising from the consulting shall be borne by the Applicant.


8. By participating in the Call, the Applicant is deemed to have read and accepted all terms and conditions contained in the Announcement.


9. The Sanya Municipal People's Government reserves the right of interpretation of the Announcement.


10. The Call per se and any documents relating thereto shall be governed only by the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China.


Sponsor: Sanya Municipal People’s Government


Undertaker: Sanya Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning


Technical Support: IPPR (Hainan) Engineering Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd.(HIPPR)


Organizer:  Beijing Science Park Auction & Tender Co., Ltd.


September 27, 2021





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